Saturday, November 12, 2011

On closer inspection, IHOP NOT opening a sidewalk cafe on 14th Street

Joking. But still. Seeing the blue tarp tent out front ... which matches the IHOP brand colors ... gives you pause...

...the work continues on all this... the cooling system for the Pancake Maker. Or it's something for the L train. Either way.

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Anonymous said...

Please God, let someone or something kill off this disgusting hellhole! IHOP's management somehow persuaded the DOB to allow it to place their heavy equipment and ventilation system on the "roof" of the 1-story extension behind this building on 14th Street. As a result, the noise and the horrible rancid bacon smell are channeled up and into the windows of 100+ apartments on 15th Street. This goes on 24/7. They have destroyed the quality of life for countless people. And Chelsea folks, they're coming for you next.