Wednesday, November 16, 2011

RIP Laura Kennedy

We're just hearing the news that Laura Kennedy, a founding member and bassist of the New York-based No Wave band the Bush Tetras, died on Monday after a lengthy battle with Hepatitis C. She had been living in Minneapolis the past 12 years.

She kept a blog about her ongoing health issues. You can find it here.

We've posted this Bush Tetras video several times through the years. One of my favorites — the song and the video, starring the Bowery circa early 1980s... From 1981.

This Ain't the Summer of Love
Flaming Pablum


Anonymous said...

Two minutes ago I was looking at a video playlist from NY Noise archive website. I saw "Too Many Creeps" listed and gave myself a little chuckle about a BT video being listed there.
I next clicked on my EV Grieve bookmark and bang; I saw this news. Weird.
Sorry for her and her's. Sad news.

Marty Wombacher said...


Uncle Waltie said...

We're being decimated. But it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

nygrump said...

She will live on forever in those awesome basslines.

glamma said...

oh man this sucks. RIP. Bush Tetras 4E!