Friday, November 11, 2011

[Updated] Time to take JoePa's Potato Combo off the menu

An EV Grieve reader wonders if area bars that cater to Penn Sate game-day viewing parties will revamp their menus in the aftermath of the alleged child sex-abuse scandal that has rocked the university this past week ... leading to the dismissal of the school president ... as well as legendary football coach Joe Paterno (affectionately known as JoePa, for you non-football fans).

Updated: A reader sent us a photo of people eating a JoePa platter...

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nygrump said...

Rumor is they were pimping out children to high level donors. The original DA who looked into this vanished off the face of the earth. Child rape is just about as low as one can get, but protecting and covering up for a child rapist suggests to me participation.