Thursday, December 13, 2012

Construction mishap turns NYU dorm into a concrete jungle

There's news to report about the incoming 16-story building coming to 133 Third Ave., just north of Third Avenue...

Some sort of construction mishap on Dec. 5 "accidentally sent wet concrete oozing through a wall and into an NYU dorm next door," according to a report yesterday on DNAinfo. The ooze reportedly damaged the rooms of three students on the dorm's fourth floor. NYU has repaired the rooms, though the students have decided to stay for the time in their alternative housing.

As a result, per DNA:

The owner of the building leased by NYU for use as the Coral Towers dorms is seeking $1 million in damages from developer McArthur Morgan, LLC and a permanent end to construction at 133 Third Ave.

Maybe we can bring back that addendum to Jam Envelope & Paper?

[H/T Curbed ... above photo from two weeks ago]

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Anonymous said...

The ironies just multiply.

- East Villager

EV Grieve said...

@ East Villager

That should have been my headline!