Saturday, December 8, 2012

'Holiday subversion' tonight at The Stand on 7th and C

Via the EVG inbox...

Local artists Our Lady of Perpetual PMS (aka Daniella), Jessica Delfino & Elisa Velasquez present a Saturday Night Art Show of holiday subversion, with musical street performances.

• Alternative art, ornaments, & gifts for sale:
paintings, punk holiday ornaments, upcycled jewelry, & hand-painted playable ukuleles, & more

• Live music

• 9 pm: Gay Apparel: A highly decorated group of hilarious, holiday-skewering carolers reinventing your favorite (or most irritating) seasonal songs.

• Creative community party/street art/local color

• Snacks while supplies last

The gallery is small & intimate and the spirit of the event will spill out onto the sidewalk, creating a festive street scape for friends, fellow artists, & passersby.

Come by and celebrate the holidays with CRAFTERMATH. Founded in 2008, we are a group of subversive women artists who like to party with (g)litter and glue guns. We use recyclable & reusable materials whenever possible. We love to share resources & foster creative local community.

Read our post on the Stand from May right here.


Gudrun said...

Love this place!! I bought 2 amazing drawings last week. Shop local and have the best gifts.

EV Grieve said...

@ Gudrun

I second that!