Friday, December 14, 2012

Rolling out the fruit and vegetable stands at the incoming New York Healthy Choice

Back in February, signs first appeared for something called New York Healthy Choice on Avenue C at East 11th Street ... Chico created murals for the gates in July ... we haven't seen much activity here of late (granted, this isn't an intersection we cross with great frequency... and, like the other businesses along here, the basement was flooded during the Sandy surge...)

Exchanged emails with EVG reader Rob yesterday... who's also curious about what New York Healthy Choice will be — A deli? A mini Whole Foods? A place to buy a box of Annie's Mac & Cheese?

All the above?

Per Rob's photo, the proprietors have rolled out these vegetable-vegetable stands.

As Rob said: "Looks promising."


Anonymous said...

The owner of this is the same person/people who own Yankee Deli and the incoming Yankee Pizza across the street.

I spoke with a couple of people at Yankee Deli a few months ago about it and it is essentially going to be a fancier grocery store for the neighborhood with a - their words - "HUUUGEEE butcher counter". So, yay!, good meat.

Was only a week or so from opening at the time of Sandy, but obviously that timeline had to be changed.

Anonymous said...

I live right around the corner and have been wondering about this place since at least the murals went up. That sounds very promising, can't wait! Maybe they'll even have some decent fish...something we so desperately need in the Alphabet!

glamma said...

as a northeasterner, i take offense to the superfluous use of the word yankee in recent signange!

James C. Taylor said...

Hmm... Not a fan of Yankee Deli because every time I go in their I leave smelling like bacon. And they always have the TV blaring.

I prefer Sheen Bros. on 10th & B or Santa Barbera Superette on 12th and B. But the new place definitely sounds handy.

Is C-Town still open?

EV Grieve said...

Hi James. I believe C-Town is still doing repairs post Sandy. Damages were around $1.5 million.