Friday, December 12, 2008

Hop Devil Lounge vs. Hop Devil Grill

As you probably know, the owners of the Hop Devil Grill on St. Mark's near Avenue A remodeled the joint to rebrand as the Southwestern themed...Hop Devil Lounge. The Hop Devil redux opened on Dec. 3. Been meaning to stop by, sort of, purely for research reasons. But I did pick up the new menu! Which I compared to the old menu...which leads me to think...

...they cut back on their clip-art budget.

So, anyway -- there's a Southwestern theme...and burgers. And lots of beer.


Anonymous said...

I went to the bar the other night. Wow, this place is great. Good atmosphere, nice food, and really delicious sangria. There was a lot of beer on tap there, but I didn't try it. I recommend you give it a good going.

Unknown said...

I agree. This place rocks. So many hipster joints around the neighborhood with people posing. This is a refreshing change and the food was phenomenal. Tilapia tacos...mmmmmmmm