Friday, January 9, 2009


From The New York Post today:

If the NYPD relaxes its enforcement of petty "quality of life" infractions, it could be a turning point back to the days when murders, muggings and mayhem plagued the city, says a law-enforcement expert who played a key role in developing the crime-busting policy.

"You might be pointing to a tipping point," said George Kelling, who helped formulate the "broken windows" approach to policing that was the model for Mayor Rudy Giuliani's successful zero-tolerance policy.

"It's too early to tell . . . but the consequence might be more street crime."

By the way, what does a sleeping homeless man have to do with "murders, muggings and mayhem"?


Anonymous said...

The sleeping homeless person is most usually the VICTIM of these heinous crimes.

Marlie said...

In the early 80's there was this homeless Polish man--who was very nice--he lived in the street and wore plastic bags on his head under his cap to stay warm--and plastic bags about his body too for warmth--he was a figure of gentility--some punks set him on fire--makes me cry today as it did then.Of course he died. SAD! RIP!

esquared said...

I doubt that Mitch Cutler would comment as such. I'm sure he prefers the heydays of the lawlessness at St. Marks. He's probably just drumming up his business to the new generation, like that of Carolyn Billetdeux.

Anonymous said...

i welcome a little more street crime because it would scare away some of the yunnies. i could handle being mugged once in a while if it meant i didn't have to see so many rich kids in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to encourage muggings -- I'm a slight fellow who lives in Alphabet City -- but I sure could use fewer Carolyn Billetdeauxs in the neighborhood.

It figures she lives on St. Mark's Place. The homeless people -- God bless them -- is not why I avoid that street. The Carolyn Billetdeauxs of the world is why I avoid that street.

Anonymous said...

" The NYPD is relaxing it's enforcement..."
Pay no attention to the fact that there are a lot less of the NYPD now under Bloomberg then when he started, that has no effect on the number of arrests etc..
Looks like Fun City might return after all.

Bob said...

Ms. Billetdeaux also noted that "OMG if the cops don't start cracking down on all these smelly homeless people New York is going to go back to the way it was in the 1980s and it's going to be so totally creepy and scary! Of course I don't remember how New York was in the 80s since I was an infant in Ohio but from the five minutes of "Death Wish III" that I saw while flipping channels during a break in the Gosspi Girl Marathon it looked super icky! Ewww...there's a man outside my window eating out of the garbage! That's it, I'm calling mommy and telling her to transfer me back to Toledo!"

Bob said...

...and I'll bet dollars to doughnuts the attempted rape in her entranceway was by one of her liquored-up preppy and/or frat boy brethren. As a bouncer who has to deal with both homeless bums and aspiring yuppie, out-of-towner jock assholes on a nightly basis I can affirm that the latter cause far more "quality of life" crimes and physical confrontations than the former do.