Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where are all the ads?

Have you noticed how many blank walls there are around the neighborhood these days...? Buildings that typically always have some sort of banner ads attached?

Easy enough, I suppose, to chalk this up to the recession and downturn in advertising, etc. Could also be the time of year. How many more quality films like My Bloody Valentine 3D can there be to promote? Or maybe there's something else...perhaps the East Village is no longer a hot demographic area that advertisers want to target.

In any event, no complaints here about the lack of ads.


Anonymous said...

Good riddance. Tired of feeling like I'm living inside a big glossy magazine.

Jeremiah Moss said...

an ominous lack of advertising...the adpocalypse is upon us.

boweryboogie said...

i agree with alex. it's somewhat refreshing to see the actual buildings again.

esquared™ said...
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