Friday, March 12, 2010

The green plastic hat zone (Pub Crawl Alert!)

Pub Crawl alert this weekend!...and it's just not any ol' pub crawl... It's the Guinness Book of Records Largest Pub Crawl — a
five-mile, three-day long crawl starts that starts this afternoon, continues tomorrow morning into the pee wee hours and wraps up on St. Patrick's Day.

Whatever you want to do, fine... but do the rest of us really have to be unwilling participants in your bar-hopping hijinks? Do you have to take over the sidewalks and run in the streets, paying no mind that it might be, say, 2 p.m., and other people aren't really in the green zone?

The participating bars hereabouts are:

Identity Bar
511 E 6th St.

242 East 10th St.

Central Bar
109 East 9th St.

12th Street Ale House
192 2nd Ave.

Village Pourhouse
64 3rd Ave.

Finnerty's Irish Pub
221 2nd Ave.

Kingshead Tavern
222 East 14th St.

98 Third Ave.

If this sounds fun, then here's your info on how to join.

Speaking of which, betcha all this will keep EV Heave busy this weekend. Oh, and here's a belated weekend report from EV Heave. (DO NOT GO here unless you want to see you-know-what...)

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