Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another nightmare bar for 505 E. 12th St.?

We've talked with several residents in the past about problems stemming from the former bars at 505 E. 12th St.... Mundial and before that, Totem... So a few people are anxious now that the following has appeared on Monday's CB3/SLA docket:

Corp to be Formed, 503-505 E. 12th St. (trans/op)

I was never in Mundial or Totem. Here's the Totem writeup from Shecky's to show you what you missed:

Totem: Join the ultra-hip Williamsburg and NYU kiddies as they jungle boogie ‘til they can’t boogie no more at this Alphaville hotspot. Prance without dancing (as it’s legally prohibited) around the totem poles, saunter over to the lounge area, or plant yourself in the outdoor garden. Featured drinks include the house special Totem Pole and the slightly less subtle Beaver Juice. Note: the menu literally warns patrons to mind the alcohol content of these drinks, thus reflecting a certain acknowledgement of attracting a young clientele. The Totem rocks throughout the week but occasional theme nights, like the cyclical Full Moon Party, can be a howl.

We don't know just yet what this "corp to be formed" is going to be bringing to the block. At this point, any new venture is bound to cause high anxiety for neighbors.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no. I just commented on the item above and saw this. Another bar opening up in the Mundial space is my worst nightmare. Both Mundial and Totem were terrible, so outrageously loud. I live across the street, and the music from Mundial made my floorboards throb. You could literally feel the beat.