Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Bowery's last gasp fairly audible

I've been waiting to write the obituary for the White House (or Whitehouse to some), the last of the neighborhood's SROs at 338 Bowery. There's a long history at this four-story building erected in 1916 that's now serving as a hostel as well as a permanent home for a handful of low-income residents... The building’s owner, Metro Sixteen, is affiliated with the hotel developer Sam Chang. Their plans: demolish the White House and replace it with a nine-story hotel.

And this item at Curbed today makes me think the end will be here sooner rather than later:

A Curbed tipster notes, housing court hearings for remaining residents — many of whom are in pretty rough shape — are something of a regular occurrence.

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[Photo via Curbed]

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