Monday, May 10, 2010

Terror and relief in 60 minutes: The really bad then good news about the Blue and Gold

The EV Grieve inbox recently exploded with the news from Fork in the Road that the Blue and Gold Tavern on Seventh Street was going through a gut renovation.... yet another beloved spot RIP.... Noted a reader: "Makes you realize how precarious it all is, it can be snatched away in an instant, and you think, 'i should have gone there more often.'"

BUT! The B&G management chimed in on the Fork post:

The Blue and Gold is soundproofing the ceiling - and will reopen by Thursday - May 13. To do a proper soundproofing job the old ceiling needs to be removed. The rest of the bar is not being gutted. Heavy duty plastic is protecting the walls, bar and pool table.

Given the loss of the former Verchovyna Tavern aka George's Bar aka Bar 81 a few doors down... it's understandable that we're all a little touchy about this... By the way, "East Fifth Bliss" filmed scenes at the Blue and Gold the other week... In the novel, the lead character drinks at the Homestead (called the Homeplate) on First Avenue, which, of course, closed years another bar had to stand in for the Homestead...

[Photo via the Voice]


eastvillagefeed said...

Thanks EVG! Always good to hear a survival story. I was a little concerned. All of the news seemed to be from the same VV post.

J said...
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