Friday, March 16, 2012

9th Street Espresso taking over part of the former Life Cafe space

[Photo by Michael Sean Edwards]

As we first reported a few weeks back, the dueling landlords who own Life Cafe planned to split the space in two ... part of the space is for rent... Thanks to The Villager, we now know what is filling half of the former Life Cafe — 9th Street Espresso, which will be moving next door ... Scoopy has the details, which include:

Moving one storefront to the east will almost double the cafe’s space, from 500 to 900 square feet. The new location, at 343 E. 10th St., is not only much wider, but will include Life’s former backyard garden, which [landlord Bob] Perl plans to enclose — though it will still have skylights — allowing year-round use.

Read all of Scoopy here.


Anonymous said...

Great Double choco- wheatgrass lattes with a poddle run in the back

Hey19 said...

Ah thats cool, sorry to see Life go, but 9st is legit, psyched to see some one I believe in taking the space.

Sorry 747, you are still going to have to go to Starbucks for your Double choco- wheatgrass latte.

Anonymous said...

Are they changing the name?