Saturday, December 1, 2012

NOW it feels like the holidays with the arrival of Trailer Park Santa

Oh, we knew something was missing from the holiday tree stand on East 14th Street at East First Street... the trailer just seemed so... bare.

Yes. Of course! Trailer Park Santa! He arrived this past week

Suitably grubby for this intersection.

So hang your stockings and say your prayers,
'Cause Trailer Park Santa Claus comes tonight.


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

On 14th St, the smell of pine needles and hot dogs over a roasting fire can only mean Santa's on his way in about a month or so.

Urno Talbot said...

They used to sell trees in front of St Mark's church, do they still?

Axis of Eville said...

yep, they still sell trees at st. marks. was out there at 3 in the morning recently and there was a worker still there, i guess they have to pay someone to guard the trees all night?