Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Report: Ravi DeRossi bringing Fire & Water to 7th Street

[EVG file photo]

East Village-based restaurateur Ravi DeRossi is adding to his vegan empire later this year with the opening of Fire & Water at 111 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue — next door to his tapas cafe Ladybird.

Eater reported yesterday that DeRossi will "veganize two cuisines at once — sushi and dim sum" with Fire & Water.

A Japanese sushi counter with 16 seats and minimalist design will occupy one part of the space, offering a vegan omakase menu and a sake list. The price for the omakase has not been set yet.

On the other side of a dividing glass wall, there will be Chinese dim sum cart service in a 36-seat, flashier space with neon lights and red decor. Vegan small plates are on the menu in the dim sum portion. There will also be beer, wine, and no-abv cocktails.

DeRossi's executive chef, Tony Mongeluzzi, who oversees the kitchens at Ladybird, Mother of Pearl, Cienfuegos and Avant Garden, will reportedly have similar duties at Fire & Water.

The new home for Fire & Water was previously a showroom for furniture designer Todd Hase. That venture lasted one year. Village Style Vintage Shop, the previous tenant here, moved out to Brooklyn in October 2016.


Anonymous said...

This veganizing campaign is getting boring, Ravi

Scuba Diva said...

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous quoth:

This veganizing campaign is getting boring, Ravi

I know you'd rather see news of a "Meat 'n Cheese Pub" opening in the neighborhood, but that is what's been done before. Of course there are a lot of people still who won't eat at a restaurant that doesn't serve meat, but actually the number of people who call themselves vegans and vegetarians has been growing steadily for years; get used to it.

Anonymous said...

There's at least a dozen vegan places within a three block radius of St Marks with Ravi's and the 00 places, is there that many vegans around? I'd say there's about a 00 percent chance most of them survive.