Thursday, August 2, 2018

Foot Gear Plus has closed on 1st Avenue

Foot Gear Plus is now closed on the southwest corner of First Avenue and St. Mark's Place.

As we first reported back on July 11, Tony Scifo, who opened the shop here in 1980, recently made the difficult decision to close his family-fun business on July 31.

Scifo told this to EVG contributor Stacie Joy:

"After several years of peaks and valleys in business there were just too many valleys. Companies now sell direct to consumers and once they started offering free shipping it was all over. This is happening everywhere, not just locally.

The landlord wanted us to stay. She offered us a fair price and she's been great. We just couldn't make it."

No word just yet on who the next tenant might be in this high-profile corner space.


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear about landlords making an effort for once.

Anonymous said...

Applaud the landlord. Will miss the store. Another great small store gone.

Brian said...

Yes, unfortunately, Amazon and such online retailers make it too convenient, besides free delivery on most items, sometimes there is no sales tax either, how can a real store compete?

Unknown said...

I'd imagine the corner lot would be ripe for a new apartment/condo building for young wealthy skinny BroHoes and their Beckas .... I'd imagine a 6 to 8 story building with two units per floor would bring beaucoup bucks to the developer for a cheaply made Lego building
Guessing the lot alone has to be worth about 15 million as is
Thank something or other for rent control and succession rights.

Unknown said...

sad, its gonna be another restaurant or bar