Friday, August 10, 2018

The Braised Shop softly opens this weekend on 10th Street

The Braised Shop, which will offer a variety of Taiwanese street food, will be in soft-open mode starting tomorrow here at 241 E. 10th St. at First Avenue.

We originally thought this was going to be the second outpost of the Taiwan Bear House, the popular bento-box shop down on Pell Street. Turns out that one of the Braised Shop owners is the co-founder of Taiwan Bear House.

Updated 8/13

Eater has a preview...

Like Taiwan Bear House, the Braised Shop offers a simple menu. But here, the focus is on luwei, a method where various ingredients get braised in a broth. Options include pork belly, beef, fish fillet, broccoli, corn, and other proteins and vegetables. Each one starts at $2.50, and diners can choose as many as they want. All of it goes on top of noodles, the way it’s eaten in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, here's a look at their made-to-order offerings...

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