Sunday, October 14, 2018

Week in Grieview

[Kramer on 6th at A]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

2nd Avenue gas explosion defendants due back in court on Monday (Thursday)

Preparing for Saturday's dinner at Il Posto Accanto on 2nd Street (Friday)

Owner of Tompkins Square Bagels wants to bring the old Liquiteria vibe back to the original space (Thursday)

The gutting of 180 2nd Avenue continues (Wednesday)

Dojo looks to have closed for good (Friday)

Tree Bistro's back garden badly damaged in last week's 1st Avenue fire (Monday) ... Report: 188 1st Ave. survives fire; back extension must be demolished (Monday)

Coffee is in your future at this new café on 7th Street (Thursday)

This week's NY See (Thursday)

Heavy-duty fencing arrives as playground renovations continue in Tompkins Square Park (Monday)

Report: Arrest made in armed robbery of Mona's on Avenue B (Tuesday)

The Marshal seizes Papa John's on 1st Avenue (Monday)

The Vitamin Shoppe on 14th Street and 1st Avenue is closing (Tuesday)

It's possible to get the Impossible Burger at Sidewalk now (Friday)

80 stories of glass now at One Manhattan Square (Monday)

Name reveal: Emmy Squared's grilled-pizza sibling will be called Violet on 5th Street (Wednesday)

New cafe alert: JQK Floral Tea slated for 11th Street (Tuesday)

Grand Opening continues at the Dumpling Shop on 2nd Avenue (Thursday)

That Nutella Cafe is shaping up on University Place (Wednesday)

StuyFitness debuts on 14th Street (Monday)

Here's your Möge Tee signage on Cooper Square (Monday)

C Lounge debuts on Avenue C (Friday)

... and on Tuesday, we reported that Tony (aka Abdul), the longtime owner of the deli at 123 Avenue A (and apparently the owner of the building) died... photographer Thomas Anomalous shared this photo of Tony on Instagram from September 2005...

Anomalous had moved away from the East Village in the early 2000s and returned several years later. As he wrote, in part, on Instagram:

Virtually no one remembered me, except for Abdul. He shook my hand warmly and said he had wondered what had happened to me many times over the years. I asked where everyone from the old days had gone. He said “There is no one left but you and I, my friend.”


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Anonymous said...

Reinstate the law to prevent homeless sleeping on the streets before the Crusties further hurt or kill someone! Brken window laws worked!

Anonymous said...

Reinstate te broken windo laws. Uncuff the police. Getrd of the homeless from sleeping on the streets.

Anonymous said...

People like Abdul go a long way in anchoring a neighborhood. RIP Abdul, you are already missed. It truly won't be the same without you.