Friday, March 20, 2020

A new era for Urban Etiquette Signs?

Perhaps before our current global health crisis someone would not have taken exception — via a Hello My Name Is "Are you fucking kidding me?" sticker — over a discarded tissue in an East Village hallway.

Thanks to Mark White for the photo!


Scuba Diva said...

My Name Is Definitely "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?" when some asshole has to assert his "right" to litter; even before this crisis, I often picked up someone's castoff trash before they got away, to ask them if they needed me to throw it away for them.

Bonus points if it was recyclable.

Anonymous said...

I yelled at some guy for snotting at 34th St station. HE started to come at me, which I would have welcomed, but better were the 4 cops right around the corner I led him to - and told them what he had done. tehy swarmed him, it was great.

"People" continue to spit on the sidewalk. Its disgusting and deserving of severe punishment.

Giovanni said...

I was going into CVS and a woman sneezed right inside the vestibule without even trying to cover her face. I yelled at her and she yelped before she ran away. Luckily I had on my N95 mask, but that doesn't protect you from droplets on your clothing. I also see many joggers in large groups in East River Park (way too many at a time) and they are still spitting as they run.

Governor Cuomo just said at his daily presser that he has heard reports about the rampant jogger issue and is personally going to Central Park today to see what should be done to limit the outdoor exercise issue. Do joggers really believe this is a good time to be going outside and sucking in all that coronavirus infected air? Do they really think this is how they are going to stay healthy? Or can they not just sit calmly at home until this is over?

It's just like the Florida spring break crowds, where too many people are using public spaces and forcing the government to shut then down, punishing the rest of us who are generally following the rules.

The Italians are issuing a massive number of fines to people who continue to violate quarantine. They have issued 50,000 fines at $225 apiece in the past week alone. Even infected people continue to go outside, Unfortunately we are next in line to see the same type of large scale anti-social behaviors and government crackdowns that further victimize us all.

Some people continue to selfishly think they have no responsibility for their own actions, and apparently nothing will ever change their behavior.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:07 AM
Man! I had some asshole do that just up wind from me the other day on 4th and Bowery. Made me furious.
Wish my episode could have ended as nicely as yours.

Anonymous said...

Going outside for solitary exercise is allowed - and necessary - for everyone's physical and mental health. Any group sports activity is not allowed though. Jogging isn't the issue, groupings of any sort is. And in my observation, the groups usually consist of (surprise) millennials. They are gonna ruin it all for everyone.