Monday, March 2, 2020

Bait & Hook returns

Bait & Hook returned to service this past week on the northwest corner of 14th Street and Second Avenue.

To recap: The sports bar went dark in January, followed by the arrival of a for rent sign. ... several weeks later, there was a banner announcing that it was "Opening soon under new management."

Not sure at the moment what might be new — things appear the same from the outside, down to the Philadelphia Eagles flag. (The specials, such as Taco Tuesday, are also the same.)

Bait & Hook debuted with promises of a New England-style seafood restaurant in September 2012. In the opening announcement, Executive Chef Joe Bachman said: "We wanted to open a place that offered New Yorkers an affordable, casual dining experience, with the feel of a seafood shack but the taste of an ocean-side eatery."

The space eventually transitioned into a sports bar and SantaCon stop.

H/T Pinch!

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