Tuesday, February 11, 2020

It is alive: Bait & Hook is returning — under new management

A for rent sign arrived at the recently shuttered Bait & Hook on the northwest corner of 14th Street and Second Avenue several weeks ago.

Now, as EVG regular Pinch notes, there's a new sign on the space: "Opening soon under new management."

Bait & Hook debuted with promises of a New England-style seafood restaurant in September 2012. In the opening announcement, Executive Chef Joe Bachman said: "We wanted to open a place that offered New Yorkers an affordable, casual dining experience, with the feel of a seafood shack but the taste of an ocean-side eatery."

The space eventually became another sports bar and SantaCon stop.

We'll see what version of Bait & Hook the new management decides to go with...


Anonymous said...

Decent for a while... Then it became another Bro hangout with bad fried food and cheap beer

Anonymous said...

If you're pro-SantaCon, then I don't do business with you. It's just that simple.

djny10003 said...

That location is cursed, IMHO. Bait & Hook was there longer than any other tenant I ever saw, incl what must have been the last "Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips" on earth.
I liked the food at B&H, though my wife didn't. Neither one of us was fond of the big-screen TV's and their sportsball games. I'll try it under new mgmt.