Friday, February 21, 2020

NYPD's body-cam footage shows the deadly police shooting on Avenue A and 7th Street from Jan. 9

[Screengrab via the NYPD]

The NYPD yesterday released the dramatic body-worn camera footage from the deadly police-involved shooting early on Jan. 9 at Seventh Street and Avenue A.

As previously reported, two men, identified as Earl Facey and Richard Reid, got into an argument inside the Hayaty Hookah Bar at 103 Avenue A between Sixth Street and Seventh Street.

The fight escalated outside the club, when the two men — each reportedly carrying a .22 caliber handgun — fired at each other in a wild exchange that left bullet holes in adjacent businesses. (The video the NYPD released yesterday includes surveillance footage of the two men shooting at each other.)

The chase ended in front of 113 Avenue A, the address of Ray's Candy Store, where Facey was said by police to shoot Reid in the torso. Two uniformed officers who were on patrol nearby shot Facey on the northwest corner of Avenue A and Seventh Street. Facey later died at Bellevue.

The release of the body-cam footage and subsequent narrative offered by the NYPD provides more details about the deadly encounter. In the video, the officers from the 9th Precinct are identified as Liam Murphy and Christopher McLaughlin. The officers arrived as Facey shot Reid, according to Det. Martin Brownlee of the NYPD's Public Information Division who narrates the video.

Facey did not comply with commands to drop his weapon and lie on the ground, Brownlee said. "He walked away from the officers still holding his firearm with his hands in front of him..."

According to Brownlee, as Facey walked south on Avenue A, "he outstretched his left arm." At this point, both officers fired at Facey. He was struck in the left hand and back, and fell to the ground in the crosswalk. Murphy fired two rounds and McLaughlin one.

The NYPD said that they are "releasing this video for clear viewing of the totality of the incident."

The video contains disturbing images — viewer discretion is advised.

As we exclusively reported on Jan. 10, Francisco Valera, a photographer and photojournalist/videographer, who lives in a front-facing apartment on Avenue A at Seventh Street, captured the aftermath of the shooting.

He shared this two-minute video that shows the moments after both Facey and Reid were shot. (The first 15 seconds of the video were filmed sideways.) In the clip below, two officers have their guns drawn, crouching behind a trashcan, looking toward Facey, in the green jacket lying in the intersection.

An unidentified voice can be heard yelling "two shooters down" and telling officers to "holster up." Officers can also be heard commanding passersby to "back off" multiple times.

In the street outside 113 Avenue A, officers are performing CPR on Reid, on his back in the white jacket. An unidentified man is seen pleading with the police. "Officer, please put him in a car. Put him in the car — you don't have a fucking second!" The sounds of an ambulance can be heard in the distance. The man turns to the north on Avenue A toward the approaching ambulance. He pleads with the officers again to take Reid to a hospital in an NYPD vehicle: "There's traffic because of this! What the fuck are you all doing!"

Viewer discretion is advised.

Police have said that both men were reputed gang members and have been linked to prior shootings.

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bill said...

Here is a Daily Mail piece on the shooting.

noble neolani said...

This is not something I will watch however it is the correct thing to do by the NYPD to release this video to show rules were followed by the officers. It is always a tragedy when guns are involved in conflict.

Giovanni said...

Watching these two lunatics shooting at each other and continually missing while running around a car leaves me amazed that no one else was hit by a bullet. Luckily for everyone else this stupidity happened at:3:30 AM and not 3:30 PM. It’s sickening that someone was killed right outside of Ray’s, but like every other depraved murder in this city, by the next day it was as if nothing had ever happened. There were no flowers or memorials, no candle lighting ceremonies or cheap mylar balloons, and life goes on. Now there are two less gangbangers running around the neighborhood looking to play their own version of street tag with a cheap 22 caliber gun.

bill said...

They had 35 arrests between the two of them.

Anonymous said...

Sad and senseless. So sorry for everyone involved.

Anonymous said...

Senseless tragedy... When will we ban the NRA and stop the violence?!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes the NRA, the clear culprit in illegal gun violence in urban areas rife with hopelessness-driven gang violence

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this the incident that people were posting here saying that it took the police too long to clear out of neighborhood--why--people asked were helicopters circling above after the incident was over? The knee jerk reaction by many people in the East Village is often that anything causing inconvenience to their daily routine must be part of some corrupt intent on the part of the deep state to get them to move.

Anonymous said...

No, it’s not deep state bullshit

The NYPD closed off Av A till 6PM! That was unnecessary. Also, they could have let the M14 bus pass just as they let local deliveries to go through but they couldn’t care less. Most police officers do not live in the city and so could not care less about life quality of area residents.

Sarah said...

Plenty of urban areas with violence, etc., in the Western world. Few of them have the gun-violence rates we do. I wonder why? It's almost as if people who don't have ready access to guns can make less use of them.

Anonymous said...

A lot of stuff going on in those videos. Once you see them, you see
it's a tough job done by the NYPD.
I appreciate their work in protecting the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Is there a rise in violent attacks in the neighborhood in the past year? I can think of a few just within a few blocks of there. A lot about the oversaturation of booze in the neighborhood, I imagine.

Anonymous said...

So horrible. This is where we live. These scumbags shoot up our neighborhood, endanger everyone, and then go back to wherever they live. Absolutely disgusting. Close these shithole clubs down that cater to this FILTH. Great job, officers. The only people doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Both perp revolvers are 5 shot .22 caliber. Both revolvers as per the NYPD had 5 spent cartridges. Not that the officers knew that. Both of these officers did the right thing and are heroes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to these cops for their bravery. It sickens me to think of how these two idiots could have killed innocent bystanders. I have neighbors who work late and could be walking home up Avenue A at that time.