Thursday, February 27, 2020

Cover letters: Signage comes down at the now-closed Zum Schneider on Avenue C

As you likely know, Zum Schneider wrapped up 20 years of business on Avenue C and Seventh Street on Tuesday night (more like early Wednesday morning).

This afternoon, a worker was spotted removing the biergarten's letters from the exterior (thanks to @michaelfrias27 for the photos!)

Presumably that's someone affiliated with Zum Schneider removing those letters for use in their new location. Owner Sylvester Schneider has said he will find a new NYC outpost for his bar-restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

That party kept me up all night. I couldn't sleep in my bed till 5am when the club music stopped. I live across the street. What a celebration it seemed to be.

Anonymous said...

I am sure they wanted to annoy the residents. The last night was titled "Burning Down the House."

James said...

Just stopped by they are finishing the vacate had so many wonderful times here the place was my Cheers