Monday, February 10, 2020

REMINDER: North side L-train entrance opens on Avenue A today

[Photo from Saturday]

As we first reported last week, the L train's new Avenue A north entrance — for Eighth Avenue-bound commuters — debuts today (Feb. 10).

Here's a look around the outside of the two entrance on the Stuy Town side of 14th Street...

MTA officials have said that the entrance is opening with "temporary finishes."

With this debut, the MTA will now close the north-side entrance on First Avenue on Feb. 17 for renovations.

Here's the full schedule of what to expect from The L Project e-newsletter:

• Starting this Friday night (around 10), you'll use the Avenue A north entrance to access trains in both directions on weekends and weeknights.

• On Monday, Feb. 17, the First Avenue north entrance will close for reconstruction. Like the other side, this will take about three months, so we're estimating a May 2020 completion. While this work is happening, both entrances to the First Avenue Station will be located at Avenue A.

• Once we complete the First Avenue entrances, the ones at Avenue A will close again for a bit so we can do the final finishes.

When all the construction is wrapped up, the revamped 14th Street First Avenue station will have four entrances — including the two on either side of 14th Street at Avenue A as well as two new platform-to-street ADA elevators that will be ready for use this summer. (Find more details on this MTA advisory.)

The Brooklyn-bound side arrived this past Nov. 4 at Avenue A.

No word just yet from the MTA about when all four entrances — two at First Avenue and two at Avenue A — will all be accessible at the same time. Also, the work on the new substation at 14th Street and Avenue B is expected to wrap up this spring.


Choresh Wald said...

Now we need a citibike station to be installed in the service road. It will serve everyone who comes east of Avenue B.

Gojira said...

No, we don't need a Citibike station installed in the service road, there are already huge Citibike docking station on 11th and B, 10th and B, and now they are getting ready to install one on 12th and B.

Anonymous said...

Can we just get rid of that service road already? It would make a great protected bike path from C to 1st Ave, as well as a nice park area. Right now it's just a giant taxpayer-subsidized parking lot. Also very dangerous for pedestrians crossing it. Why didn't the DOT think to repurpose this during the 3 year upheaval.

YogaYogi said...

Isn't "Downward Arrow" a Tantric Yoga position?

Anonymous said...

They just put one at 12th and C. Are they really putting one at 12th and B too?

Choresh Wald said...


Will said...

As far as I'm concerned we need more Citibike stations as close to the stations as possible––people bike to and from the trains.