Sunday, February 23, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Outside St. Stanislaus on 7th Street yesterday via Derek Berg]

Posts from this past week included...

• NYPD's body-cam footage shows the deadly police shooting on Avenue A and 7th Street from Jan. 9 (Friday)

• A Visit to Odessa Restaurant (Thursday)

• The Marshal seizes Hotel Tortuga (Tuesday)

• On second thought, Jiang Diner is moving back to 5th Street (Wednesday)

• Brooklyn Bean Roastery arrives on Avenue A (Tuesday)

• Last Dance: Lafayette Street live music venue closes tonight after just 4 months (Tuesday)

• Rock on: Remembering Bill Graham's Fillmore East (Wednesday)

• Tio Pio bringing its rotisserie chicken to 14th Street (Tuesday)

• Hearts for Gem Spa (Monday)

• Demolition watch: 183 Avenue B (Wednesday)

• Police looking for suspect who stole 3 Phase 2 paintings from Avenue C studio (Wednesday)

• Idlewild Coffee Co. coming to 5th Street (Friday)

• Chairnobyl (Wednesday)

• That Thai Direct renovation is taking longer than expected (Tuesday)

• Checking out the new International Center of Photography at Essex Crossing (Monday)

• MAD Toast House has gone out of business (Thursday)

• Change is coming to Kmart on Astor Place (Wednesday)

... and yesterday, EVG regular Lola Saénz spotted acclaimed photographers Janette Beckman (left) and Martha Cooper on Second Avenue...


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