Monday, February 24, 2020

Solidcore snaps up former ICP space on the Bowery

An outpost of the nationwide fitness chain solidcore is opening in the former home of the International Center of Photography's (ICP) home at 250 Bowery...

Here's a description of their popular workout via Well & Good:

It involves a megaformer, free weights, and a whole lot of being really, really mindful of the way you move your body. The method uses slow, controlled movements (“the slower the better!” is a common refrain in class) to burn out your slow-twitch muscles to the point of failure. The thinking is that this creates long, lean muscles over time.

This location just south of Houston Street debuts on March 7 ... in an area where more boutique gyms and studios have been opening.

The ICP cleared out of this space last summer ahead of a move to Essex Crossing.


Me said...

how many friggin' gyms do we need? honestly, working out is fine but you can't go two blocks without stumbling across another gym.

Anonymous said...

ICP must be very well funded to keep moving through space after space. I get tired of the constant begging for money.

Anonymous said...

Cash flow and the Less you go the better for the business