Thursday, February 13, 2020

Japanese variety store Teso Life coming to the former St. Mark's Market space

[Photo by Steven]

Teso Life, a Japanese variety store, has signed a lease to open an outpost at 19-23 St. Mark's Place. The shop will be located in the former St. Mark's Market, which closed here this past October between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

Per the Teso Life Instagram account, the shop "offers the widest selection of quality accessories, beauty and lifestyle products from Japan."

This will be the fourth NYC location for Teso Life. And they'll have some nearby completion with Kosumosu, which sells Japanese beauty and health-care products at 37 St. Mark's Place. (It took over the space from the like-minded Shibuyala, which left after less than a year.)

As for No. 19-23, St. Mark's Market opened in 2003 in the mall-like building that replaced layers of history at the address that included the Dom, the Exploding Plastic Inevitable (featuring the Velvet Underground as the house band) and the Electric Circus.

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Anonymous said...

They got to get rid of that scaffolding. Whats the deal with the scaffolding going up at Astor Place around the Chase Bank?

bill said...

The scaffolding has been there a loooong time, and there appears to be no reason for it. Scaffolding = blightsville.

Anonymous said...

"New York City sidewalks are inundated with scaffolds — and because there are no time restrictions on their presence, many of them have been up for years with no building renovations underway." New York Daily News, Apr 13, 2019

NutHouse Hardware store, 202-204 East 29th Street, has had scaffolding on its building and over the sidewalk for over 7 or 8 years. Off the record, employees admitted that this gives the hardware store several hundred square feet of extra selling/storage space for items like Christmas trees, bags of soil, ice-melting salt, etc.

NutHouse has not done any work on the building or its facade while the scaffolding has been in place.

TesoLife will probably have the scaffolding removed when it opens its doors.

Anonymous said...

@7:15PM. I always wondered why the Nuthouse had that scaffolding up permanently. What a scam. I went there last week and they have totally reorganized the store. What used to be a great hardware store where you could Walk the aisles browse all of the goods has been turned into a giant storage unit where you need a salesperson to take you upstairs to try to hunt down your item among aisles of giant rolling storage shelves. They ned to hire a retail consultant to make that store shoppable again.

lara said...

Wow just what we were missing on that block

Anonymous said...

The only way they will rent out that corner store on 2nd and St Marks is to a Japanese chain store. Unless you have a built-in customer base, these rents make no sense.