Sunday, February 9, 2020

Week in Grieview

[Wednesday on St. Mark's Place via Derek Berg]

At the opening night of 'The Devil Probably: A Century of Satanic Panic' series at the Anthology Film Archives (Wednesday)

A visit to a poetry reading at Odessa (Tuesday)

King Kong lives: How a favorite stuffed animal from childhood became part of a community garden (Friday)

A Broadway-worthy marriage proposal where east meets west (Thursday)

Lawsuit filed to stop East River Park demolition (Friday)

Factory Tamal now open on 4th Street (Tuesday)

Ray returns! (Saturday)

Duane Reade by Walgreens closing on 10th Street and Third Avenue (Thursday)

North side L-train entrance opens at Avenue A on Feb. 10 (Tuesday)

Le Sia is back in action on 7th Street (Thursday)

[Eye watch at the Regal Union Square via Derek Berg]

Report: Target will replace the Food Emporium in Union Square — in 2023 (Thursday)

Cloud99 Vapes has closed on 2nd Avenue (Thursday)

First sign of the tech hub — aka Zero Irving — above ground on 14th Street (Monday)

Thai Direct is under renovation on Avenue A (Wednesday)

Live above the iconic Block Drugs (Monday)

Report: State says landlords must now pay broker fees, not tenants (Thursday)

You HAD your chance to buy the 7-Eleven retail space on the Bowery (Monday)

Doma Food and Drinks debuts on 1st Avenue (Wednesday)

Melt Shop closes on 4th Avenue (Tuesday)

The Whale Tea beaches itself on 14th Street (Wednesday)

Becky's Bites moves on 7th Street (Monday)

... and several readers have asked about this figure that has appeared around the neighborhood in recent weeks... no word on who the artist is...


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