Friday, February 14, 2020

EVG Etc.: NYC's pink buildings; Fiona Silver's 'Hot Tears'

[Valentine's eve on 3rd and A]

• Study finds that the rate of poverty in NYC remained eight points above the national average (Gothamist ... Fast Company)

• Opposition to the proposed Hotel Special Permit Requirement for the area south of Union Square (CityLand ... Village Preservation)

• Behind the scenes at Veselka (6sqft)

• A feature on residents who live in pink buildings, including at 218 E. Fifth St. (The Post)

• Looking at the architectural cherubs in the East Village (Off the Grid)

• Local singer-songwriter Fiona Silver has a new EP out today (Official site) Watch her new video for "Hot Tears" here.

• Amelia and Christo work on filling the nest (Laura Goggin Photography)

• The ongoing Director's Cup series at the Village East includes "The Big Lebowski," "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Do the Right Thing" (Official site)

• And depending on your mood, the Quad is offering up "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" and "Sid and Nancy" tonight for Valentine's (Official site)

• The newish Wegmans in Brooklyn now offering delivery to parts of Manhattan (NBC New York)

• Remembering Punk magazine’s “Patti Smith Graffiti Contest” from 1976 (Dangerous Minds)

... and the newest attraction in Tompkins Square Park — a (at-the-time steaming) compost pile that arrived yesterday...

[Photo by Derek Berg]

[Photo by Steven]

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