Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Doma Food and Drinks debuts on 1st Avenue

[Photo by Steven]

Doma Food and Drinks, a Korean bistro, is now in soft-open mode at 120 First Ave. between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place.

As you may recall, the Tang closed here back in the fall with a notice that owner Yu Li was going to reboot the space with a new concept.

Florence Fabricant had this preview online yesterday at the Times:

[C]hef Jackie Kim weaves traditional dishes like bibimbap and Korean fried chicken into an eclectic menu. More offbeat are kimchi arancini made with kimchi rice, ceviche in a Korean mustard vinaigrette, and bossam to wrap in steamed buns instead of lettuce. (Ms. Kim is from South Korea, and has lived in Spain, which accounts for some of the influences.)

And the design?

The room, designed by Mr. Li’s partner, Minn Hur, who is also from South Korea, is done in pale tones with eye-catching pink velvet and strips of neon on the back wall.

Find the menu as well as photos of the food and interior at the Doma website.

The Tang opened here in July 2016.

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