Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Jiang's Kitchen signage-canopy combo arrives on St. Mark's Place

The signage-canopy combo arrived the other day for Jiang's Kitchen at 65 St. Mark's Place between First Avenue and Second Avenue (thanks to Steven for these photos)...
As we mentioned last month, Tao An, the owner of the now-closed Jiang Diner (and Hot Kitchen) is behind this new venture — previously billed as Jiang Kitchen — at the former home of Jules Bistro (1993-2020). 

An had previously received administrative approval via CB3 for a beer-wine license for the address. According to the questionnaire posted on the CB3 website, Jiang's Kitchen will have 15 tables to accommodate 60 guests. Although the restaurant will serve beer and wine with meals, there is no bar for guests inside the space. An opening date has not yet been announced. 

Jiang Diner opened on Fifth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue opened in the spring of 2019 and drew praise for its big-plate chicken and Xinjiang-styled Northwestern Chinese food. The restaurant closed for a summer break in late July and never reopened. 

An also operated Hot Kitchen, a Sichuan restaurant, at 104 Second Ave. at Sixth Street starting in 2011. (Jiang Diner also briefly moved into this space, which is now for rent.)

Jules Bistro, a classy spot that offered French cuisine and live jazz, never reopened after the March 2020 PAUSE. Workers cleaned out the space in September 2020.

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