Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Kindred is closing on Aug. 14

Kindred, the restaurant at 342 E. Sixth St. serving food and wine inspired by the Adriatic, is closing after service on Aug. 14 — and after two-plus challenging years of the pandemic.

Management made the announcement yesterday via an Instragram post ... which reads in part:
As you can imagine, surviving the last two years has been very challenging; however, we made it happen with creativity, an amazing team of employees, and a strong will to succeed and to share a great restaurant with the East Village community. 
Since Christmas and the Omicron outbreak, sales have not been consistent enough to stabilize in the current market. With inflation, a looming recession, another potential COVID outbreak, decreased foot traffic in Manhattan - we don't see a viable path forward. We're still waiting on ERC funds from the IRS (it's only been 10 months 🤦🏻‍♀️) 
This is a grueling and difficult decision, but the right one. Part of taking care of our staff and ourselves is knowing when to pause and reflect. This is that moment for us and Kindred.
The restaurant from the team at Ruffian on Seventh Street opened here just west of First Avenue in October 2019. 

Image via @Kindred; H/T Vinny & O


Anonymous said...

Maybe this explains why their industrial fan in the courtyard behind the building has finally stopped running like a jet engine 24/7. Who ever takes over this space - please shut that thing off at night. It affects every building on this end of the block.

Anonymous said...

I hope they are responsible enough to take down their outdoor enclosure, instead of making it everyone else’s problem.