Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Signage alerts: Hi-Note on Avenue B; Le Burger on 5th Street

From the EVG inbox... reader-submitted photos showing new signage... Annabelle shared the top pic from Hi-Note, opening soon at 188 Avenue B between 11th Street and 12th Street in space that was previously the jazz club Rue-B

This will be a coffee shop-cafe-karaoke bar (at night) combo from the team who ran Baby Grand, the now-closed karaoke bar on Lafayette. (Read our previous post on Hi-Note for more.)

You can follow the Hi-Note Instagram account for updates.

Meanwhile, signage is up (H/T JG!) for Le Burger at 540 E. Fifth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B... the former home of Black Iron Burger (RIP 2019).
According to the questionnaire from last month on the CB3 website, ownership ran the now-closed UES spots 1742 Wine Bar and Giorgio's Brick Over & Wine Bar.

The hours here are to be noon to midnight daily.


Anonymous said...

Damn, Black Iron was awesome. Hope this place is just as good.

Also, why paint over the brick? That looks ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Rue B disappearance is one of the saddest eliminations of the pandemic era.

Anonymous said...

sad to see them remove those great little outdoor ledges

Anonymous said...

Red and yellow are an interesting color choice for a burger restaurant

Anonymous said...

They really did remove any trace of the charm or Rue B. Best of luck in the karaoke game.