Monday, August 8, 2022

Today in iconic hotel awning sightings

Photo by Lola Sáenz 

The iconic Hotel Chelsea awning made an appearance on 12th Street and Avenue A today... on the back of a truck for Five Start Awning in Ridgewood... 

Not sure if it's coming back. The Hotel Chelsea reopened in early summer after a decade of renovations. 

Did anyone watch the documentary "Dreaming Walls: Inside the Chelsea Hotel"????


Anonymous said...

The doc left me feeling sad more than anything. I admire what Stanley Bard did, and I realize that these are people’s homes, and they seem like good people. But everything has a cycle, and I can’t help but feel that this one has come to an end. Sherill Tippins’s book is excellent, and there’s a good audiobook reading of it as well. I found that much more uplifting.

XTC said...

I haven't seen the renovations of the actual rooms at the Chelsea Hotel but I'm thinking it would have been cool to preserve one of the apts as a kind of time capsule to see life as it was lived back in the day- crumbling plaster, peeling paint, 1940s bathroom. So lucky to have been to a few parties before it closed. The good news is that they've just opened a bar on the first floor, the Lobby Bar, and it's really great with an old NY speakeasy vibe. Definitely has my seal of approval.