Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Oh, you know, it's bank, nail salon, bank, nail salon, bank, nail salon"

I missed this piece in the Observer yesterday titled, "Chloe Sevigny, Miss East Village, Waxes on Changing Nabe and Embattled Beatrice"

It's about Ms. Sevigny being at the 158th-anniversary party for Kiehl's.

A few snippets:

"If Kiehl's were a woman, she'd be Chloe!" the president of Kiehl's, Chris Selgardo, declared to the Daily Transom. Mr. Selgardo, a bulky, muscular man with a thick black beard, was dressed casually in jeans, a muscle shirt and a blazer. "We love Chloe. Someone like Chloe, she's just so East Village."


Given that Ms. Sevigny and the store are both residents of the East Village, we asked Mr. Selgardo how he felt about his little apothecary being surrounded by all the shiny glass buildings sprouting up in the area. (One Ten Third, for instance, which has gone up directly across the street.)

"Yes, that was new, that was definitely new," he replied. "The Village has changed, but it's not so bad. New York is cleaned up. But, I think, more so than any other part of the city, it remains very spirited and very interesting. But, you know, I don't want to see a Pottery Barn on the corner."

And Ms. Sevigny? How does the 34-year actress think the neighborhood has changed?

"Oh, you know, it's bank, nail salon, bank, nail salon, bank, nail salon," she replied. "The Subway across the street from Veselka, it's just an eyesore. The bigger chains coming in everywhere, it's depressing. You know what really bugs me about the neighborhood, actually? The students! The N.Y.U. kids and they've opened an SVA dorm near my house, so now it's even more."


Ken Mac said...

Foxy and she's one of us! You go girl!

Jeremiah Moss said...

i'm kind of a fan of chloe.

Jeremiah Moss said...

but for the record, kiehl's is not kiehl's anymore, as much as they like to call it that. it was bought out by l'oreal.