Sunday, April 26, 2009

You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you

From the Post today:

Going to college in New York City has never looked better. The city's 50 hottest college students -- vamping it up in steamy poses sure to distract even the most dedicated bookworm -- will soon appear on campus newsstands as a glossy magazine debuts May 4.

"We wanted to photograph interesting, hot people that make going to school in New York City so awesome," said Kane Sarhan, 22, a Pace University junior and publisher of the magazine, The College Gossip Chronicles, and its accompanying Website,

And the paper lets us meet a few of the 50:

Alex Casticas, 23

junior studying business administration at Fordham

Career Ambition: Working in biotechnology

Home: Switzerland

Sex Appeal: "My accent is what makes me stand out here," says Casticas, who admits he can play it up to seduce the ladies when he parties in SoHo or the Meatpacking District. He stays fit by doing martial arts, water-skiing and wakeboarding.

Ashton Fontana, 20 (pictured)

sophomore communications major at Fordham University

Home: Napa, California

Career Ambition: Fashion writer/magazine editor

Sex Appeal: "My Cali personality with my New York attitude. I know how to have a great time and look even greater doing it," says the beach beauty, who stays in shape by taking hip hop and lyrical dance classes.


Alex in NYC said...

Is she gonna eat that donut? `Cos I'll take it if not.

EV Grieve said...

Heh... She doesn't strike me as the eats-a-lot-of-donuts type...

Ken Mac said...

No donuts? Kick her to the curb, hottie or not!

Jill said...

You can probably get the donut from her after it comes back up if you don't mind it a little juicy.

Jill said...

Sorry, that was sexist, I didn't mean it.