Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freddy Sez inside Yankee Stadium

After being denied entrance to the new Yankee Stadium on Sunday, Freddy Sez was back in the ballpark (or mallpark, to some) last night. (Something about this story seems a little premeditated for my taste...) Oh, I was there too at the game -- received a free ticket (A $20 Grandstand jobbie) from a friend.

May take a moment to collect my thoughts on the experience at the new stadium. It was just a little... weird. Like your parents moving from your ramshackle childhood home into a new cushy retirement condo. And everyone who works there is super friendly. "May I help you?" "Hi, are you guys having fun?" "Thanks for coming! Have a good night!"


Here's a photo of the first pitch at 7:05 p.m.

The 400 Section (the $20 seats) where I was sitting was nearly full...


Jeremiah Moss said...

wow. it's true--nobody's there. looks like a ghost town in those pricey seats.

EV Grieve said...

Yeah, it picked up a little bit... people showing up late for the game... The attendance was announced at 42,000. Didn't seem like 42,000 to me. Of course, it was hard to tell... So many people walking around the food court, drinking in the Jim Beam Suite, etc. At times, walking around, it was like being at a sports bar in which a baseball game breaks out.

esquared™ said...

it was like being at a sports bar in which a baseball game breaks outYes, that's why I can't enjoy watching baseball games at stadiums nowadays. It's full of the new generation of short-attention span and me crowd; they are there to not necessarily see but to be seen -- they're texting, tweeting, talking... on their mobiles.

It's not what it used to be where one can just sit, relax, and enjoy the poetry of the game.

EV Grieve said...

"enjoy the poetry of the game."

Indeed, Esquared... you nailed it... That's exactly what was missing.

Anonymous said...

how much are the steinbrenners gouging fans for beers?