Monday, April 27, 2009

Good-looking people (we assume) wanted to show East Village apartments

A reader sends along this ad from Craigslist:

Property Management, in the East Village, seeks ENERGETIC, UPBEAT, FRIENDLY personality, to meet & greet our potential tenants. Must be honest, hardworking, & reliable. Will be responsible for advertising with brokers & on Craigslist, showing apartments, and helping us screen new tenants. When not out with tenants you will be assisting with day to day tasks around the office: answering phones, filing, dispatching maintenance crew, etc. Real Estate experience a plus!!! Please respond with resume in the body of your email & recent photo. Resume's with Photo's will be given priority. Full-time, Part-time, & Students Welcome!!!!

Meanwhile, kind of related:
The Wall Street Journal has a piece today on a San Diego company that "aims to fill high-end empty houses with occupants who play the part of happy homeowners, in a bid to remove the price-depressing stigma of vacancy." The article features a woman who does this. She got the job via Craigslist. "When a real-estate agent phones, Ms. Clavin says, 'I live here' -- because technically, I do,' and provides a broker's number before the caller inquires further. She must keep the house spotless between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. She usually gets only five minutes to light the candles, flip on music and disappear before a showing. If she has more time, she'll bake cookies to scent the home." How much longer before we see such a company sprout up here?


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Get paid to pretend to live in a place, but actually live there? Um, where do I sign up?

EV Grieve said...

I'm with you Goggla.... Can you bake cookies? That seems to be a requirement for the job!

Anonymous said...

Do people here give a shit about cookies? Since the EV smells like a cross between a rotting produce dumpster and the bathroom of a biker bar for most of the summer, I would imagine the olafactory sell is not all that persuasive.

In the day, of course, you could offer convenient access to heroin - which is what drew many a "rock star". Now what? As much drunk long island p*ssy and as many puking frat boys as you care to have?

Tsk, this really is no way for a middle-aged woman to speak. I am chastizing myself right now.

Ev Grieve said...

Sure it is!