Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Overpowered by Funk

Filmmaker Paul Dougherty passed along the link to his most recent creation, White Collar Funk 1. (A sequel to his July 2008 video White Collar Funk.)

As Paul notes on YouTube, "In the summer of 1975 while working on E. 23rd St. I'd take a porta-pak out at lunchtime for people watching and capturing street scenes. The area, not *that* different from today, was east of the Flatiron building (district) and was/is kind of a office area, lacking the glamour of midtown (hence the tape name). A little like today, it harkened to an earlier era. It was grey and gritty and I liked it just fine. Besides the office workers, some "street" types came from a welfare hotel(s) east of Lexington. I'm pretty shy so I couldn't bring myself to follow or go up to people, so I did a kind of surveillance. For those reasons many of the shots are very short. Anyway taken together you get a feel for a NY street at the time. Enjoy."

Previous Paul Dougherty videos posted on EV Grieve can be accessed here.

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