Friday, April 3, 2009

Reader comments

Many thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit this site... I especially appreciate the comments. I wanted to highlight two comments from this past week:

From the Cabin Fever post:

prodigal son said...
I've just returned to New York after a long hiatus, and I've noticed an improvement in terms of yunnie saturation. I can take walks now without constantly being stuck behind someone talking on a cellphone and meandering along the sidewalk. The subway cars seem a little less crowded. But I haven't hit the bars yet.

From the At the Unemployment Olympics post:

Anonymous said...
I've been living in the EV since 1977 - like Sheena I was a punk rocker. I used to tear my hair out about gentrification (like since 1990), but now I have a really different approach - actually a more punk rock approach. Fuck it, let it get destroyed. It's all interesting.

(I have had heartbreaking moments mostly when mom and pops go. There was a BUTTON store on 1st Ave in Momofuko country, can you imagine? Two little - like 5 feet tall, husband and wife - Jewish refugees from WW2. An entire store devoted to buttons. I always felt bad for the guy, he would go to help you and and after about 2 minutes his wife would roll her eyes and grab the button box out of his hands and help you. He couldn't do anything right, it was a chuckle every time.) I don't mourn for the EV scene anymore, because frankly, once we realized it was a scene it was already gone.

When I read this, Vanishing NY and Lost City, I think geez they're pissed off about how much less fun it is now, they'd be suicidal if they knew how really fun it was like 1980. But you guys do a great job.

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BaHa said...

I remember the button store! Yeah, I was here in 1980, and it was a blast.