Sunday, July 12, 2009

Following up on two previous posts

Last Thursday I reported that 167 Avenue A between 10th Street and 11th Street (the former NoTell Motel) will become the latest eatery from Jason Hennings and Robert Giraldi.

Hennings confirmed this to Eater. According to Eater: "Restaurateur Jason Hennings writes in today to report that the 167 Avenue A spot ... is indeed his, but his frequent partner Bob Giraldi is not involved. Hennings is bringing his deathwatched but still kicking West 10th venture Diablo Royale to Avenue A."

Also. In the Australian Homemade post from Wednesday, a reader shared the following information:

Actually the place closed when the landlord suddenly tried to raise the rent to a crazy high level. They could not afford to be there any more so they left. Now the store is empty and the landlord is getting nothing. Good business in a recession???

It was a combination of rent hike and tax increase as I am told. The landlord was passing on his city tax hikes to the store (as was probably in the lease) but the store could not pay it. They tried to negoitate a lower amount but the landlord would not budge.


Anonymous said...
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Doll said...

I suppose we can look forward to yet another Dunkin' Donuts at the Australian Homemade location.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely bad news. The "Diablo Royale" in the West Village attracts fratsters and their bimbo hangers-on. We don't need another such place on Avenue A.

This is the same restaurant owner who had the recently shuttered E.U., and who opened the Black Angus burger (or something?) on 5th Street and Avenue B. (I think it's also doing poorly, if foot traffic is any inidcation.)

EV Grieve said...

I'm with you, Anon. The area north of 10th Street on A is already fratty enough.

And I reposted the comment without the cokehead part...