Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Also on this month's CB3 docket: Evolution

We continue to look over this month's massive CB3 SLA & DCA Licensing Committee agenda for Monday.

Of interest (at least to me, Jeremiah and Hunter-Gatherer perhaps!)

The new Evolution!

Hunter-Gatherer was told the following about the new Evolution this past June:

As I queried the construction worker regarding the future tenant he said, “evolution”.

“Really”, I said, “what’s the concept”?

“Flair”, he replied, “flipping bottles, fire tricks…you know, bringing a Las Vegas style bar to New York”.

Fine, fine — I'm there opening night! But according to the transfer: Evolution, 68 2nd Ave (alt/op/renovations/name change) (The Watering Hole of 2nd Ave Corp)

The Watering Hole? To douse the flames, perhaps? And will this mean another awning?

For further reading:
E4volution Mach II? (Hunter-Gatherer)



Goggla said...

Anything with "hole" in the name can't be good.

EV Grieve said...

Super Hole.

Goggla said...

Haha, dive in!

ak said...

hrm, isn't the "The Watering Hole of 2nd Ave Corp" just the company/proprietor name (or whatever it's properly called)? eegad, what i'm trying to say is:

is not the name of the company and the bar name often different? hence "The Watering Hole of 2nd Ave Corp" owns and operates the bar named "Evolution"?