Thursday, September 10, 2009

Those guys playing beer pong in 1E may be the next J.P. Morgan Jr. or John Jacob Astor III some day

Just following up on Jill's post yesterday that NYU's Delta Phi fraternity is now calling 531 E. 12th St. home. Since we're going to be neighbors, I thought we should get to know the brothers (bros?) of Delta Phi ... Some history!

Delta Phi has remained an exclusive fraternity. Rather than engaging in the wholesale expansion policies that have marked the operation of other greek letter fraternities, the brothers of Delta Phi choose to establish chapters only at the finest schools and usually with proximity to other chapters. It grants its chapters a substantial degree of local autonomy - allowing them to develop their own traditions and policies within the scope of a larger institution.

Members of Delta Phi have come from every walk of life; social and economic. It’s members have reached the pinnacles of business, politics, education and service. Our fraternity is an organization where names such as J.P. Morgan, Jr., John Jacob Astor and James Roosevelt and are but the start of a long and distinguished list.

And at NYU:

The Gamma chapter was established on Tuesday, June 1, 1841 and is the second oldest social fraternity at New York University and the oldest continuous chapter of our National Fraternity. Among Gamma chapter’s alumni are many distinguished men and the namesakes of several buildings at NYU. The men of Gamma greatly value the traditions of brotherhood in Delta Phi and continue to preserve fraternal life as an integral part of the college experience in a large metropolitan area.

Distinguished Alumni

Howard Crosby - Initiated 1841
William H. Nichols - Initiated 1869
Ernest Howard Crosby - Initiated 1872
Henry Pomeroy Davison - Initiated 1901

Notable former Delta Phi members from other university's include John Jacob Astor III, Charles Scribner and George Will.

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BaHa said...

Please tell me that those incorrect apostrophes are in the original (it's, university's). It would make me so very happy. What schmucks.

EV Grieve said...

Hi BaHa,

That's straight from the Web site. I started fixing some of the typos, then thought, Nah.

Jill said...

Great photo! That is exactly the pose I saw the one time I stepped into SuperDive.

Goggla said...

Ha, I'm sure Astor would be so proud.