Friday, October 2, 2009

Reminder tonight: Chicago Bliss vs. the New York Majesty

The New York Majesty kicks off their Lingerie League season at Nassau Coliseum vs. the Chicago Bliss...

This is going to be a difficult test for the Majesty. Chicago already has one game this season under their belts, defeating the Miami Caliente 29-19.

I'm imagining how the games might be covered in the press....

There are three things to expect from the Bliss. The first is for Saran Dunmore to play a big role for them. The best receiving back in in the Lingerie League should see a healthy amount of screen passes coming her way trying to neutralize an overly aggressive blitz. I also expect to see plenty of two tight end sets. Deborah Poles is a matchup nightmare for the Majesty. The third thing to expect is plenty of no huddle spread sets. The Bliss used these to great success versus Miami. It opened the middle of the field for Saran Dunmore to run for 62 yards. Anyway!

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