Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Firefighters also made sure pets were safe from fire

Our friend Cat Sitter in the City posted the following story (and photo credit to Cat Sitter's friend Pauline...)

I saw a few people out on Avenue A clinging to their cats, including the nice guy above, who told me that he lived in an apartment building that was evacuated for fear that it might also catch on fire. The firemen made sure to save any animals that were in the building, he noted, including his handsome cat Gus Roberts.

More on the fire that engulfed the corner of 14th Street and Avenue A here.

Read Cat Sitter here.


Cat Sitter in the City said...

Thanks for posting this EV Grieve!

I have an idea I'd like to pass along: The next time I see a fire (and, hopefully, that won't be for a long time if ever) in the neighborhood and people evacuating with pets, I'm going to head over with my extra kitty carrier. There were a few people on Avenue A with their cats in their arms, and the cats were understandably stressed and a little squirmy. I had offered to run home to get a kitty carrier for Gus Roberts, but he had someone on the way with one. Anyway, I know I would appreciate it if I had to leave my building with my cat Charlotte in my arms and someone was kind enough to give me a carrier to keep her safe.

Goggla said...

Cat Sitter - that is a very nice idea. A few years back, I had to suddenly run out of my building as it was on fire in the middle of the night. There was literally no time to do anything. I grabbed my keys and threw my cat in a laundry bag and got out. We did have a carrier, but it was disassembled for storage. There was no way I could assemble it in time. After that incident (everyone was fine), I bought a collapsible cardboard carrier that can be opened up in a split second. Every cat owner should have one of these if they don't already. They're cheap, fold flat and can be stored behind a sofa or even under a rug.

Cat Sitter in the City said...

That's a great idea, Goggla.

I have a small carrier that is assembled and sitting on a shelf in the kitchen, so I can just grab it and go if need be.