Wednesday, May 12, 2010

(Updated 3:23) Stuyvesant Grocery after the fire

From the Post:

Essa Assabahi, 29, who works at Stuyvesant Convenience, watched from across the street as the shop burned.
"That's my job right there," he said. "Now I'm unemployed."

DNAinfo noted that the smell from the flames reached SoHo.

Photo by Sergey.


Girl said...

So sad, but at least nobody got hurt. Fantastic guys run the ST Grocery - they just put that new sign up a couple of weeks ago. I wish all the best to the ST Grocery and all the other businesses that suffered damage, and hope they recover quickly.

Thanks to EVGrieve and Sergey for the great reporting.

Dee said...

I grew up in the neighborhood and went to Pete-a-Place often in my four years of high school. Its upsetting to see these stores that I pass everyday on the bus go this way. I am happy that no one was injured.

Shirley said...

Great job with your continuous reporting on this, didn't know where else to find this information.

Shirley said...

Great job with your continuous reporting on this, didn't know where else to find this information.

Riian said...

We were at the scene earlier and witnessed a firefighter being wheeled out on a stretcher with oxygen but no other injuries apparent. Just FYI.

Cat Sitter in the City said...

I saw one firefighter on a stretcher, but otherwise there didn't appear to be any injuries.

The fire department responded full force, by the way. There were fire trucks lined up all down 14th Street. They were clearly making sure to be fully equipped if the fire spread to adjoining buildings.

Also, I have to give the firefighters credit for taking care of our furry friends. They actually went in and evacuated some animals from an apartment building on Avenue A right next to the Stuyvesant Grocery & Deli.

My heart goes out to all the guys at the Stuyvesant Grocery & Deli and Pete's-A-Place. I regularly patronize both businesses, and I really feel for everyone who works there. I hope they can all rebuild.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad - I stop in the ST Grocery and Deli almost every day. Everyone who works there is friendly and always seemed to be in a good mood - even when being yelled at by customers. I saw one employee easily defuse a situation when a customer was loud and drunk. I hope they have good insurance and will be able to rebuild. I'll miss stopping by there on my way home.