Monday, May 17, 2010

Missing the Stuyvesant Grocery; plus Permacut relocates

This weekend, the fire-ravaged buildings remained shuttered on 14th Street and Avenue A after the three-alarm fire last week ... I didn't see any activity...

...though a fan of the grocery left a note...

Meanwhile, the folks at Permacut quickly relocated...good news. (Jeremiah had a great post on the Permacut sign last Thursday.)

Also, well, I don't know much about gut renovations... but this looks rather hopeless to me... fueling more speculation that this block will be razed.

Again, this is only speculation made by a few longtime residents... We all hope the business owners are able to rebuild here.

All fire coverage here.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really happy to hear Permacut can merge with Big Apple Barber. Every since Big Apple took over the old barbershop, it's been a little slow. They remodeled the place really nicely with dark wood stations and are very friendly to passersby, so I'd love to see them do well.

I have a fondness for barbershops (but sadly, no need to ever frequent one), the social scene that often grows around these shops, both young and older men getting haircuts, shaves, reading the paper, joking around ... I hope Permacut's arrival can make it a bustling spot once again. And I'm sure many ladies in the neighborhood are happy that the Permacut crew didn't waste any time finding a new home!

so, yay for good news :)