Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All is quiet on the East Houston Street construction front — so far

Speaking of East Houston Street.... Construction crews started their road work on the eastbound lanes on Houston below Essex on Oct. 13. As you'd expect, it's a noisy, messy scene... though I have yet to hear anyone talk about it... Something residents and motorists just have to put up with, so no sense in complaining about it?

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RyanAvenueA said...

From our apartment there was some noise, but it had nothing on whatever they were doing last night when the jackhammer started at midnight. It was somewhere on Houston east of Avenue A. Had to turn on the air conditioner to drown it out.

Sarah said...

It was really loud at times, but it was pretty easy to ignore for the most part. They were doing a lot of it during the day, which helped. My bedroom faces Houston so I was afraid it was going to be horrible, but it wasn't nearly as loud as I thought. I thought the part of the road next to me was finished but they were jackhammering from 12:00-1:30am last night. I think it was ConEd though, not anything having to do with redoing Houston St.

Anonymous said...

When finished, Houston St. will be one car lane in each direction with a 2 lane wide pedestrian median (with chairs) and a 2 lane wide bike lane on each side. Traffic in that single lane will simply be one long unending line from the FDR to West St.

(the captcha is "chump")