Monday, November 29, 2010

Your daily Deitch Wall update

The Lo-Down ... BoweryBoogie... and AnimalNY have more on the mural... Animal's Bucky Turco asked Kenny Scharf if he thought any graffiti writers might tag the new work here: "No, I’m not Shepard Fairey. Not to knock him or anything, but I’m not putting up wallpaper made safely in a studio.”


Anonymous said...

hooray for proper art.

Anonymous said...

I like Kenny Scharf's art and don't care for Fairey's stuff, but I don't think value should be decided by how long it took to stand on the street and put up. How about all those little paintings bolted to street signs in the middle of Allen Street? Or the plaques buried in the middle of the street at Delancey at Bowery? The price and gallery-style descriptions on items such as phone or power boxes on Avenue A? Just saying I heart seeing art on the street, and I'm glad people spent time on it, regardless of where they spent it....:D